Let’s talk about the money thing w/ Cecelia GreeneBarr | Episode 19

This month I started a financial movement – a program called dFree™. The program was developed by Rev. Deforest B. Soaries Jr @dbsoaries. He launched dFree™ several years ago as a means to assist the members of his congregation in dealing with crushing consumer debt. Rev. Soaries was interviewed on CNN by Soledad O’Brien to discuss the need for a financial revolution.

In December our church hosted an orientation to prepare for the January kickoff of dFree™. The program has many resources, including a book; “Say Yes to No Debt” and a workbook.

So why I am bringing this to you on the Building a Better Sisterhood podcast? It’s because I am thinking about you sister. I’m thinking about how much better your relationships will be with your friends, as you eliminate financial stress. I’m thinking about you as if you were right here in my studio, sitting here with me and we’re sipping a cup of hot tea. At some point, we would start talking about that money thing. Think about it, so many times if you want to get together with your best friends, the money situation often makes the decisions about everything.  We might as well talk about the money.


Here are tweetable quotes… my Pearls of Wisdom: 

Let’s choose to save more than we saved last year. Let’s try to find some ways to save where it doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t feel like we are being deprived of life’s little things.– CECELIA GREENEBARR 


Just because you have the money to spend doesn’t mean you have to spend it. You can be wiser in how you choose to spend your money.– CECELIA GREENEBARR 


We need to have some stocks and investments that are going to make our money work for us. We need our name included at the register of deeds in our local municipality. Whether it’s a vacation home or primary residence, we need property in which we don’t pay rent. Why? Because we must think about the legacy. – CECELIA GREENEBARR

Tweet these…

Consumer debt is not your friend.  

Let’s try to find some ways to save where it doesn’t hurt.

Instead of spending, just choose to save. 

We must to get to the place where we are not reluctant to look at our circumstances.

It’s not about living a life of deprivation; it’s about being a good steward over what you have. 
Just because you have the money to spend doesn’t mean you have to spend it.






Find places in your daily routine where you can keep more money in your wallet. Choose to spend your cash in places where its going to get you a great return, better dividends.

Reference: dFree™ Say Yes to No Debt http://mydfree.org 
Rev. Dr. DeForest B. Soaries @dbsoaries
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Let's talk about the money thing w/ Cecelia GreeneBarr | Episode 19

Personal Choices teach young girls to be better sisters w/ Velva Burley Flowers | Episode 18

BBS Episode 18

Dr. Velva Burley-Flowers is back on the podcast for the 2nd part of her guesting as she talks about teaching women versus teaching young children how to make great choices even in their relationships.

Yes, you can quote our “Pearls of Wisdom”

“If you keep making bad choices what you therefore then have is a habit.” – CECELIA GREENEBARR

If you keep making bad choices what you therefore then have is a habit. Trip somebody once, okay. Three times you are caught, that’s a habit of not being sportsman…

“Identify really true, honest and sincere friendships and once you have identified it, you have to be the one to value it. ”– VELVA BURLEY-FLOWERS

You have to be able to identify really true, honest and sincere friendships and once you have identified it, you have to be the one to value it because if she had value, “well I am in a certain position, my best girl-friend needs to be someone who has wholes of position” then you are valuing a position.

“Identify the key ingredients or key things that are important to having a solid sister friendship.” – VELVA BURLEY-FLOWERS

Identifying those things that are important in a sister-friendship and then breaking it down because you can take just one aspect and show. If you are dealing with honesty, you can take one aspect and show how a scenario where honesty supported and uplifted a relationship and where it tore a relationship down.

“When you are faithful, God will do some things you would not even expecting god to do.” – VELVA BURLEY FLOWERS

“Special sister-girl friend share life experiences.” – VELVA BURLEY FLOWERS

Special sister-girl friend share life experiences. Share those meaningful moments and don’t always call and share when its good news but have in your life where you can share even some of the troubles, the hardships.

“Understand that dots do connect and be able to connect dots that will move you where you want to go.” – VELVA BURLEY FLOWERS

Understand that dots do connect and be able to connect dots that will move you where you want to go. Be intentional about pouring out that wisdom with your sister-girl friends and with those god has placed in your life.

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Friendships during end of life w/ Lemora Dobbs | Episode 17

Friendships during the end of life | Episode 17

As we continue to live our lives, the end is an inevitable reality that we all need to come to terms with and so just like we planned for everything else we also have to plan for the end of our lives. Join host, Cecelia GreeneBarr and her guest, Lemora Dobbs as they discuss how to be better with our girl-friend relationships towards the end of our lives.

Yes, you can quote our “Pearls of Wisdom”

Confidentiality is an absolute must. – LEMORA DOBBS

Confidentiality is an absolute must and that it destroys trust if we tell something that we don’t have permission to tell. There are some treasured moments and emotions of our lives we know is not going to be repeated unless we give permission.

If we can go through life and be able to point at one or two people that would put their life on an indefinite hold to be with us in our weakest moments, we are rich. – CECELIA GREENEBARR

Treat other people like we want to be treated. – LEMORA DOBBS

Treat other people like we want to be treated because if we do that, we establish a foundation in which true friendship can be.

We have to learn to set aside time for sisterhood even when there’s a new man on the scene. – LEMORA DOBBS

We have to learn to set aside that for sisterhood even when there’s a new man on the scene because our sister friends are going to be there for us. Sometimes, relationships last, sometimes they don’t but our real true sister friends, they’ll be there for us.

We sometimes fail to come to terms with our own mortality. – LEMORA DOBBS

One of the things we sometimes fail to do is to come to terms with our own mortality. Yes, we will live forever, eternally with Christ for those who have been born again but we will not live eternally in this body. It is a very present and possible reality for everyone of us no matter what our age so one of the things. If we look down the road to how we want the end to be of this life, then we have the privilege right now of stepping back from the vision and beginning to make some decisions now that will help us ensure that that end is what we want to.

Don’t hang out in place of condemnation too long. – CECELIA GREENEBARR

Don’t hang out in that place of condemnation too long, it will paralyze you. You can’t do anything about the ball that you dropped for them.

Learned to be the kind of friend on whom we can depend. – LEMORA DOBBS

Learned to be the kind of friend whom we can depend when we come to the end of our lives or we are facing those situations that are mountainous or multitudinous that we do not know how we are going to get through them.


Call To Action:

If you are struggling because you kind of dropped the ball, lets move past that and lets just let it lie and reach out to whatever existing family members, maybe that will help. If visiting the gravesite to just say your last goodbye, do something and to fix that in your memory, but then at the same time, honor the people who are in your life now buy deciding to be better in being attentive and being those kinds of close friends holding confidences so that at the end of days, you are not by yourself


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Teaching Young Girls to be Better Sisters w/ Velva Burley-Flowers | Episode 16


In this week’s episode, join me and one of my sister-girls; Velva Burley-Flowers as we discuss the significance for women to be in relationships with one another. We talk about the importance of sincere, true, honest, pure friendships that are supportive and that help women move forward with whatever our goals are in life. These are lessons that young girls also need to learn.


Yes, you can quote our “Pearls of Wisdom”

There are people you become connected with by the Spirit of God. – VELVA BURLEY-FLOWERS

Allow relationships to evolve, learn how to be a good friend, even as your relationship evolves. – VELVA BURLEY-FLOWERS

We must have deliberate, intentional, honest, sincere communication with one another in order for our relationships to continue to grow.  VELVA BURLEY-FLOWERS

Females of all ages need to recognize that it is important to have strong female relationships. – CECELIA GREENEBARR

Don’t discard that which is valuable. VELVA BURLEY-FLOWERS

Everyone has needs, our friends have needs and we have needs. –CECELIA GREENEBARR

Value the sister or the sister-girlfriends that are in your life that are true, sincere, honest friends. –VELVA BURLEY-FLOWERS

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Share this podcast with two or three of your sisters. As you’ll listen to it,  plan to come back together to have the conversation between you and your friends. You might want to do it one on one but have this conversation with at least three people and ask your friend what they think about what we’ve had to say. As friends, look at our relationships in light of this podcast, to see if you’re meeting each other’s needs. Remember, friends meet each other’s kinds of needs, including emotional needs,




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Sisters-Friends can help during personal burnout w/ Ronnette Montague | Episode 15


Yes, you can quote our “Pearls of Wisdom”

There are certain times when you get to certain places and your spiritual subconscious can prompt you to whoever it is you need to call. – RONNETTE MONTAGUE

Sometimes people become offended and resort to pushing away people because people are much more comfortable pushing away as opposed to admitting that we are sinking. – CECELIA GREENEBARR

Be wise in how you share your stress because not everyone have high-stress jobs.CECELIA GREENEBARR

People who are in stress have a great appreciation for somebody else who is in stress. – CECELIA GREENEBARR

If we are going to be living in communities and societies with each other then we have to have at least that one relationship where we are not afraid of being an open book. – RONNETTE MONTAGUE

When you are on the edge or you’re feeling tensed, don’t attack your sister. – CECELIA GREENEBARR

Don’t bite the hand that’s come to help you up because not everybody can take that bite. – CECELIA GREENEBARR

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