Giving friends room to release their voice w/ Deborah Peppers | Episode 22

Giving Friends Room To Release Their Voice GreeneBarr Peppers

This week, I welcome Deborah Peppers to the podcast. In her roles as a university administrator, pastor and leader of female clergy, we delve into the ways in which females foster empowering relationships. In this discussion we also touch on the social aspect of female voices silenced in the public square. If you are a female who has felt the pressure to be seen and not heard, this podcast will speak to you. 

Yes, you can quote our “Pearls of Wisdom”

Sometimes, conflict is within our selves but we take that and we try to label it on somebody else. – DEBORAH PEPPERS

Be mindful of what you share with others, sometimes they are taking it to destroy you behind your back. – DEBORAH PEPPERS

To give somebody a voice is the most empowering thing. – DEBORAH PEPPERS

Many times at the table, women allow their voices to be silenced because it is the way we were taught. – DEBORAH PEPPERS

Leadership means you become bold and speak not only for yourself, but for those who do not have the boldness to speak up for themselves. – CECELIA GREENEBARR

Just your presence speaks louder than any word. – DEBORAH PEPPER




The role of honesty in developing friendships w/ Emilygail Dill | Episode 21

BBS Episode 21

This episode touches on the topic about how women can get along better and be better at their friendship and honesty plays a pivotal role in developing better friendships.

Yes, you can quote our “Pearls of Wisdom”

*When you truly love someone then you are willing to accept them as they are. – EMILYGAIL DILL

When you truly love someone then you are willing to accept them as they are and that doesn’t mean that they will not hurt, that doesn’t mean that there will not be bombs along the way because there will.

*Being open and honest with one another becomes the real foundation for great friendship – EMILYGAIL DILL

*In sisterhood, individuals are united by a common bond – EMILYGAIL DILL

*It is wonderful when you have sister-friends because you share common bonds. – EMILYGAIL DILL

It is wonderful when you have sister-friends because you share those common bonds. You have that high level of trust and then you have that friendship and you can be yourself, have fun together, cry together and laugh together.

*When you fully accept your self then you are able then to be able to empathize with those that are around you. – EMILYGAIL DILL

When you fully accept your self then you are able to empathize with those that are around you and build better friendships because I often have them to reflect on how they would feel if something was being done to them and having them to understand each other and be there for one another.

*You have to really believe beyond the shadow of doubt that when your intentions are pure, the end result will eventually be what it needs for it to be – EMILYGAIL DILL

 *When you love someone, you are there through the good, the bad, the ugly. – EMILYGAIL DILL

When you love someone, you are there through the good, the bad, the ugly You are going to be there for them and you are going to treat them with the respect that you would want to be treated with.

Call To Action:

Ask your self have you had a chance to share that thought or opinion with the person for whom you hold that opinion, so if you are talking and it can be an innocent conversation but if you are talking in a group and you happen to mention something about a female that you might be trying to develop a friendship with, if you haven’t shared with them what it is you are really feeling about them then your call to action is to be courageous enough to set some time to have that conversation


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Collegial friendships among females; fact or fiction w/ Alene Styles-Glover | Episode 20

BBS Episode 20

Join Cecelia and her guest, Rev. Alene Styles-Glover as they discuss the importance of collegial friendships in the sisterhood and how to develop these authentic relationships.

Yes, you can quote our “Pearls of Wisdom”

It is essential to embrace sisters for who they are, where they are. – ALENE STYLES-GLOVER

All of the gifts and talent that sisters bring together help to collaborate to build each other, encourage each other, to stretch each other and really to push each other to that next place. – ALENE STYLES-GLOVER

There are some commitments that we must individually accept in order to move that relationship to the next level. – ALENE STYLES-GLOVER

We have been created to declare God’s praise. – ALENE STYLES-GLOVER

It is important to have some modelling of either mentorship or partnership, identifying other women, our sister-girls who you can partner with and you can be mentors to each other. – ALENE STYLES-GLOVER

We acknowledge people because God created all things. – ALENE STYLES-GLOVER

In a true mentoring relationship, your mentor needs to know that they are fulfilling that role in your life. – CECELIA GREENEBARR

Call To Action:

This podcast is worthy of sharing, so click the share button on your device and send it out to one or two of your colleagues, someone who is in the same profession, same line of business as you. This is a good bridge to develop the relationship, send it to them, ask them to listen and then set an appointment where the two of you can talk about it together to begin to develop a relationship with someone who is in the same line of work that you are in and see if it works for you


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